FYI: hello again

    A quick post just to let anyone reading this know that my previous website disappeared into thin air *cue worlds smallest violin* after a moving my web hosting service. So if you got here via pinterest or something else, or were looking for my previous posts, they’ll be here soon…

    So for now, enjoy this pic of some banging avo on toast I had in Amsterdam:

    Devamsha, xo

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    The Most Delicious Ways To Get Diabetes In NYC

    So when I went to New York the summer just gone, I went armed with a bulletproof Instagram ‘list’ of many a drool worthy place. Heartbreakingly so, I did not manage to visit every place on the list. However, I did do some damage (to the temple I call my body) through some of these places, as well as getting some very uncomfortably comfortably close up shots of cookie dough. What else is indulging in NYC for. Enjoy!!!

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