Things I didn’t do in 2017

While I was thinking about what my new years resolutions should be, but they were all sort of built upon some holes and flaws that cropped up way back in 2017. So I thought, why not think about the actual real core stuff I need to improve on, instead of whacking out new goals outta nowhere, and ending up nowhere this time next year. Also, as a commitment-phobe, I’m starting small with a cute lil list of three things I did, in fact, not do. So anywho let’s get started.

I didn’t read enough

This is really trivial and maybe even boring, but I really like getting totally sucked into a book, and I usually do it on holiday trying not to burn on a beach somewhere. Whilst in Mauritius over Christmas I got through about 3 or 4 murder mysteries lol. I did try to read a little whilst I was in New York, but it was just really hard as being there for only 2 months meant I was busy almost every hour of every day – and girl gotta sleep (and eat, and… do her washing). Reading is a really good way for me, personally, to also distract myself from anxieties, messy thoughts and the general stress of uni right now, so even if it’s like half an hour a day, I want to start again or try! So right now I’m eyeing up Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, by Professor Yuval Noah Harari, but I haven’t made the commitment to start yet….

I didn’t recycle enough

This one I’m slightly ashamed about, but I actually try so I’m kinda not. When I was in a rush, or the recycling was full, I’d bin the recyclable instead of recycling it (I’ve said the word too much now in my head) terrible I know. Dev is shunned from the good people community. So anyway this year I’m gonna try and not do that and just take the extra minute to wash it, or put it aside and do it later. I also want to up my meatless meals to more than 5 a week and get more creative in the kitchen!

Classic vegan chickpea stew topped with not so vegan yoghurt
Ahi tuna poke bowl, tuna can easily be swapped for tofu
3 layered nutty cake I made for a birthday

Experimenting with different foods, spices and cuisines in general was so fun last year (I say that like it was only just last year – what I mean is, I cooked a lot of different stuff especially last year, and I wanna continue) and a lot of it didn’t even necessitate meat! I’ve found it’s so easy to swap out and I actually don’t feel like there’s nothing to eat when my fridge is almost empty, as I’ve always got a tin of beans to experiment with somewhere.

I didn’t jump around or bend enough

Confusing title, I know. But I’m referring to the dreaded c-word (cardio). I barely did it!!! While I can commend my commitment to lifting weights, there was a 50% chance I walked into the gym last year knowing I was going to sack off my cardio finisher or cut my run in half. Whilst I know I don’t really enjoy it, I enjoy the feeling of completing it, and there’s so0o0o0o many benefits for your heart health and general health that come from it that you’d be silly to completely ignore it.

Me trying to be flexible

Bending also refers to yoga and the like (meditation). I feel like that’s everyone’s goal at some point in their life: “do more yoga”, and is also the thing everyone wants to do but never does. I wonder how many extraordinary yogis started off like that? This is in line with wanting to read more, as I wanna discover more ways to distract myself from life stress and give my brain a break, and see if they actually work for me. Yoga and improving your flexibility is also supposed to help a lot with lifting and preventing injuries, and I think I could do with a bitta that please. So I could start with 10 minutes a day and see how that goes. So that’s 10 minutes of yoga, 30 minutes of reading… this is starting to sound like a lot of commitment…. maybe this blog post was a bad idea.


Smell ya later, Devamsha xoxo

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