Twenty. Freakin’. Three.

I’ve been drafting this blog post for a while, as it was my birthday last Saturday. A truly bittersweet day (for a drama queen like me). I knew for a while that when I was to turn 23, I should have a job, have graduated from uni other cliché things revolving around having a totally perfect self-centred life. Achieving most of these things, I was still underwhelmed the entire day because really, I was just that one. Year. Older.

Introducing the first in a series of posts, ‘Can We Just’, where I wanna talk about real-life issues, things that no-one really talks about (yet) and just generally things I wanna get off my chest, inspired by Chynna’s series on her blog. To start off with, I’m going to chat about hyper-pigmentation and how I’ve grown up with it as a brown chick in the West (lol).

While I was thinking about what my new years resolutions should be, but they were all sort of built upon some holes and flaws that cropped up way back in 2017. So I thought, why not think about the actual real core stuff I need to improve on, instead of whacking out new goals outta nowhere, and ending up nowhere this time next year. Also, as a commitment-phobe, I’m starting small with a cute lil list of three things I did, in fact, not do. So anywho let’s get started.