About me 👋🏽

Born in the 90s, I’m lucky that I didn’t necessarily grow up with phones, laptops and the internet—but I did get sucked into it…

For me, it all started on Piczo. Before I knew it, by 13 years old I was designing and coding WordPress themes. I always kept this as a hobby and launched myself into the education system, trying to be a Doctor, failing, then becoming a Chartered Accountant. Now, I work in technology consulting in software development.

My north star has always been oversharing, making it easier for those after me to live a life they love (deep, I know, but that’s me).

Here’s a little about me:

  • I’m Scottish born, Indian and Mauritian
  • I’m a third-culture kid
  • I love fitness, something I’ve only recently been able to proudly admit (intersectional girls unite 🤘🏾)! In particular: skipping, weightlifting, hiking and more recently running
  • I’m the eldest of three, and some say this influences your nature and personality a lot
  • I’m a Virgo: I love spreadsheets, planning and organisation but this can also mean I’m a chronic overthinker and perfectionist

The number 1 thing that confused internet folks is my accent. I do not know why I sound the way I do, but I have lived in a lot of different places growing up. Listen for yourself and let me know what you think my accent sounds like!

Here’s what I’m up to online:

  1. I make videos about career, life and money on YouTube
  2. I put outfits together and try to take nice pictures over on Instagram
  3. I talk and lot and give you my best dad jokes and older sister money advice over on TikTok
  4. I’m building Financial Hot Girl as a place for young women to feel empowered with their money and their purpose
  5. I’m writing a fortnightly newsletter sharing my favourite things on the internet and my personal finance journey

I love hearing from you. Whether a video on YouTube helped you with your job, or a TikTok made it easier for you to invest, or you just want to say hi—please drop me a line! I always try to respond to emails, unfortunately DMs on social media are harder to keep track of.