Presenting & Media

I love to overshare—my journey as a young corporate auditor, and now management consultant, creator and entrepreneur has given me a tremendous insight into the financial media landscape.

I aim to educate and inspire over 45,000 young people across my social media pages to navigate their money and career confidently, through exploring entrepreneurship and taking educated risks.

Recent brand work

Most viewed short-form content

Brand and audience feedback

“Devamsha has been able to work with us in an awesome way with such a creatively limited brief. Trying to deliver financial education to Gen-Z can be difficult, but working with Devamsha to create trendy yet engaging financial content has been one of our best decisions.”

Presenting & consulting

I have worked with brands and non-profits to:

  • Speak on financial literacy panels for graduates and those new to the workforce
  • Host workshops on saving, spending and investing for young people
  • Host workshops on financial wellbeing in the workplace
  • Consult on organic content strategy

Talking about money and making financial literacy accessible in a jargon-free, relatable and non-overwhelming way is my area of expertise. I focus on:

  1. Making ‘taboo’ or ‘awkward’ financial topics engaging and interesting
  2. Being jargon-free
  3. Relatability and a refreshing perspective