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devamsha the blog

This place is a journal of rambles, and pictures of my favourite places and food, basically just me thinking out loud – it’s a constant work in progress, and probably will be forever as I’m not really much of a writer – but I’m working on it.

hey it's me in Key West

devamsha the, well, me

My name is Devamsha, which is actually made up. I like eating food, cooking food, taking pictures (sometimes of the food) and writing about it. I also like going places and writing about it. I also like going to the gym sometimes. I will write more about myself here if and when the time comes.

For now, here are some little facts about me:

  • I’m half Indian, half Mauritian
  • I really like coding, web-design and photography. I got obsessed with these hobbies when I was around 12 and ended up taking an 10 year hiatus
  • While I love the above, I’m actually studying to be a qualified accountant
  • I’m obsessed with hot sauce, waffles and ice-cream. And fried chicken
    • More recently, dumplings
    • Even more recently, chicken nuggets
  • I’m freakishly cold all the time and was born a beach baby

Last updated: 23/02/18

That’s it for now – I’m gonna try and add to this list when I remember to!

Anyways, if you need to get in touch, you can find me at hello@devamsha.com. Thanks for popping by!

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